Water Handbook

Water Handbook

Sustainable consumption and conservation for individuals and organisations. SUSTAIN. CONSERVE. RESTORE.


This part will introduce the concepts of freshwater, water cycle, river basin, human impacts on our local water bodies and how we can move towards water sustainability. Opportunities for water conservation exist and we have an important role to play in the journey towards water sustainability. The first part of this Handbook aims to help users understand the significance of water as a resource and the importance of conservation efforts in the spirit of #KitaJagaAir.


As population increases and only a small percentage of the Earth’s freshwater is available for use, we must preserve and conserve this precious resource. Water conservation is important because clean freshwater is a limited resource and is vulnerable to pollution. We must take the responsibility to learn more about water conservation and help to preserve these sources for the next generation. It is the responsibility of every person to conserve water.


It is important to understand that all of us live in a river basin and everything that we do has a direct impact on the water bodies around us. This means we are responsible for the water we use at home and at our workplace, as well as the wastewater that flows into our drains and sewage systems which will eventually end up in streams, rivers, lakes and seas. This final part will inspire you with the spirit of #KitaJagaKita #KitaJagaAir by providing you with the practical know-how, skills, and checklist on how to play your part. This includes projects that you can try out with your family and friends.

Hydro Squad

Air Selangor introduced the Hydro Squad featuring Nabil Ahmad, Aishah Sinclair and Arwind Kumar as leaders to strengthen the sustainable water consumptions effort. Hydro Squad will help promote the handbook among Malaysians through monthly Master Class by providing exposure to prudent water consumptions, practical know-how, skills and checklists on how to play your part includes projects that you can try out with your family and friends.