Whistleblowing Policy

Air Selangor expects all its employees and business partners to conduct business with the highest integrity. Breach of any of Air Selangor’s policies, commitments made through contractual obligations, or any behavior that is not aligned to Air Selangor values and/or the laws, are not tolerable as it will jeopardize the integrity of our business operations.

Therefore, the Whistleblowing Policy is in place to ensure anyone with information regarding any improper conduct by our employees or business partners can channel the information in confidence and without fear of repercussions. Improper conduct includes but not limited to:

  1. Fraud and/or corruption
  2. Any criminal offences
  3. Non-compliance with company policies/procedures etc.
  4. Harassment towards our Board Members, senior management and/or employees
  5. Unauthorized disclosure of company’s information
  6. Abuse of power
  7. Concealment of any of the above

Reporting in Good Faith – When reporting any improper conduct, Air Selangor expects that you are reporting the matters in good faith, and with reasonable grounds. Any reports that are deemed to be mala fide may be subjected to certain sanctions and may include legal actions by the person being reported.

Protection Against Retaliation – When reporting any improper conduct, we will make sure your identity is kept confidential from other parties apart from the recipient of the report to ensure you are not subjected to any retaliation. Any party who retaliated against a person who reported in good faith will be subjected to appropriate action which may include legal action.

Protection under the Whistleblower Protection Act – Air Selangor as a business entity does not have the authority to provide the protection under the aforementioned Act. If you need the protection under this Act, you may report directly to MACC as the authority with power under the Act, or contact [email protected] for consultation.

To ensure you have access to Air Selangor whistleblowing platforms, the following channels have been made available:

  1. Email – [email protected]
  2. Log your report on our Whistleblowing Form

We treat all reports equally whether anonymous or not, and will investigate such reports with the available information provided. While anonymous reporting is not encouraged, as we will not be able to follow up with the person who reports for additional information (when needed).

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