Air Selangor's brand guidelines

Our Brand

At Air Selangor, we provide the basic yet very essence of life; water

Logo rationale and components

Our primary logo is on a white background. This is to create an efficient and clean feel as a true representation of Air Selangor as the region’s water provider.

Minimum size (display)

The minimum size for screen application of our logo is 36dp in height. In print, it’s 27mm x 5.7 mm in height.


Download Our Logo

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Our Primary Font Seravek

Our Primary Colours

Our primary colours mostly consist of natural colours.

Using the Air Selangor logo

Any parties are required to ask for Air Selangor’s permission to use our Logo or Trademarks. You may submit your request to [email protected]


If you have received permission to use our Logo, please follow the following guidelines:

A. Full colour on white

Air Selangor Logo full colour version is usually
Use on white background.

B. Clear zone

Air Selangor Logo needs empty space around it. To determine the right safe space, just use the word ‘a’ of the logo’s logotype.

C. Minimum size (print)

The minimum size of Air Selangor Logo must not be reduce to less than 1cm in height (measurement of the A or S alphabet) except for small media spaces (i.e. pen).

Logo on color background

To maintain consistency of our logo, never do any of the following:

Incorrect usage

To maintain consistency of our logo, never do any of the following:

A. Use the old Air Selangor Logo

B. Alter the proportions of the Logo

C. Add an outline to the Logo

D. Change the Logo colour

E. Use gradual tones of the Logo

F. Add a drop of shadow to the Logo

Social Media House Rules