Rasau Water Supply Scheme

In an effort to increase the current reserve margin in the Klang Region, Air Selangor is actively identifying new water sources to ensure sustainable water supply to its consumers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

Project Background

As of recent, we have been challenged with the quality of raw water in our rivers upstream, making the need to identify new raw water sources a top priority now for us in ensuring that clean water supply can be provided to all our consumers.

Through the Rasau Water Supply Scheme, a total of five (5) to 10 existing tin mining ponds have been identified as a potential water source in the form of ‘Off-River Storage Facility’ (ORS). These ponds of various sizes, where the biggest pond in the area is about 164 hectares, are located in the district of Sepang and Petaling. With the significant improvement in Sungai Klang water quality, this river is now a viable potential water source. There is a potential for these ponds to store raw water source received mainly from Sungai Klang and to a lesser extent, from Sungai Air Hitam and Sungai Rasau.

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Project Implication

Sungai Selangor Scheme as a single source for raw water supply poses a high risk, while the Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant is unable to supply water to the Klang Region due to the long distribution and transmission pipeline network.

Why We Need This Project

Without the Rasau Water Treatment plant, the current water supply reserve margin in Klang will drop to 1.9% by 2024. The Rasau Water Supply Scheme is expected to have the capacity of producing clean water supply of up to 700 MLD to the Klang region by the first stage of completion in 2024.

Partner with Us

Air Selangor invite high performing business partner to participate in our tender exercise and fulfil the following criteria:

Eligibility: Sole Company / Lead Partner of Joint Venture (JV)

  1. CIDB
  • G7 with Category CE (Civil Engineering Works), CE20 (Water Supply), and CE21 (General Works of Civil Engineering)


  1. CIDB
  • Category ME (Mechanical & Electrical Works), Specialization in M15 (Various Mechanical Equipment)


  1. SPAN
  • C1 (Water Supply)


Other Mandatory Requirements include:

  1. Applicant company must be:
  2. A Malaysia-registered Sole company with at least 70% of equity owned by Malaysian citizen, or a company listed on Bursa Malaysia, and the company must be controlled by Malaysian.


  1. If JV,
  2. At least 51% of the equity is held by Malaysian firms,
  3. If JV is unincorporated, all partners must undertake to incorporate the JV within 2 weeks upon the award,
  • The lead Partner and Partners must be a Malaysian registered company.


Package 1: Experience in the civil construction projects or works of a water treatment plant in Malaysia of not less than 100 MLD, completed in the last 20 years.

Package 2: Experience in pipelaying works for pipelines of not less than 1000 mm diameter of at least 10 km length in Malaysia within the last 10 years. Construction of pumping station not less than the nominal capacity of 50 MLD (M&E works), completed in Malaysia in the last 20 years.

Package 3: Experience in the construction of at least one RC reservoir with a capacity of not less than 9 MLD in Malaysia in the last 10 years.


If you are interested, please proceed to our online vendor registration page.