We seek to partner only with the best-in-class in fulfilling our mandate to provide one of life's most essential needs to our consumers.

Whether you are partnering with us as a service provider or applying for water connection to expand your business or to build for the future, we value your expertise and contribution to our value chain.


We invite high performing, competitive service providers and product suppliers to work with us as our registered vendors. In the course of conducting business with us, we require our vendors to observe and comply with the rules and regulations throughout all stages of Air Selangor’s procurement process, to safeguard the confidentiality of information, to deliver quality products and/or services on time and in accordance with the contract or purchase order, as well as to comply with the general laws and business integrity.

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We value our partnership with you to provide only the best water connectivity solution for the comfort and convenience of our consumers. From small residential developments to large scale commercial and industrial developments, our dedicated team is ready to partner with you to help you comply with the requirements for water source connection for your projects.

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Security Access Management Systems (SAMS)

In line with the goal of providing the best experience to Air Selangor customers, the SAMS online system is now launched to facilitate every check-in and check-out at all Air Selangor premises.

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