Integrity Pact & Integrity Checklist

Integrity Pact

In conducting our business, Air Selangor is dealing with various stakeholders especially our suppliers, contractors, plumbers and other vendors as well as business partners. To ensure they are treated equally, and the playing field is levelled for all parties, we believe it is important for everyone (this includes our employees and business partners). We do not tolerate any corrupt practices while conducting business.

Integrity Pact which serves as a declaration of commitment among all parties that are involved in doing business with us comprises of the following commitments:

  1. Will not be involved in any type of corrupt practices such as offering, requesting and receiving bribe
  2. Will not solicit nor share any confidential information pertaining to the tender or Air Selangor in general to any unauthorised party
  3. Will not rig a bid, form a cartel and other anti-competition practices that may undermine the competitive nature of a tender
  4. Will report any suspicious behaviour or misconduct to the appropriate authority such as MACC or Air Selangor Whistleblowing Channel.

 The Integrity Pact must be signed by Air Selangor employees, and Directors who are in any procurement committees and our prospective and existing business partners during their vendor registration process and when entering into any tender exercise.

Integrity Checklist

Since Section 17A of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission Act (MACC Act) was taken into effect on 1 June 2020, the conduct of our business partners who are doing work on behalf of Air Selangor is also a key concern for us. Section 17A makes it liable for Air Selangor in the event any of our business partners are offering or giving bribes when doing business on Air Selangor’s behalf.

Therefore, it is in our best interest to understand and assist to improve (when necessary) the level of anti-corruption practices among our business partners. The Integrity checklist is a set of questions that our prospective and existing business partners will need to complete for us to gauge the level of their respective anti-corruption practices. This checklist is important for us to determine if any of our business partners would require our intervention in implementing adequate anti-corruption controls for their organization. Via this checklist, we will partner with all identified business partners to improve their anti-corruption controls, especially when doing work for Air Selangor.

This partnership will not only develop a more capable business partner for us but also to some extent; increasing the level of integrity in their business conduct to support the national agenda of free corruption society.