A Digital Water Utility of the Future

As we strive to become a digital water utility of the future, we put our customers at the heart of our innovations. We embrace digitalisation and use cutting-edge technology to better serve our customers.

Air Selangor Mobile App

In 2018, we rolled out the 'Air Selangor' mobile app as part of our effort to provide an improved customer experience through digital solution. The app, available for Android, iOS and Huawei devices, offers a multitude of features to provide consumers with the latest information on water supply updates and bill details, as well as with an easy payment gateway.

Register via simple steps and receive verification code via SMS. Both the premise's owner and tenant can register via the app to access the premise water account.

Submit a query, a complaint or give feedback via the Info tab, and chat with our interactive chatbot, “Airra”.

Get the latest updates on scheduled and unscheduled water disruptions in your area. Click on the Water tab and select the region you are located in to view these updates.

View your current and past bills or track your payment history on the Account tab.

Pay your bill hassle-free via the app. With a few easy steps, you can make quick payment through your preferred bank.
Read the latest announcements on water supply, live feeds on our engagement activities and corporate events in the News tab.

Intelligent Command Centre

The Air Selangor Intelligent Command Centre (ICC) was commenced in 2019. The ICC is the first strategic digital shift rolled out to achieve our aspiration to become a digital water utility. The ICC is set to link and integrate our key strategic asset parameters such as flow, pressure, reservoir level, pump status, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) capabilities.

The centre also features integration with Online Hydraulic Model, an end-to-end integration system for monitoring, analysing, and modeling distribution systems in real-time. This online system is based on the integration of real-time hydraulic data with hydraulic computer simulation models and statistical prediction tools. The current ICC ecosystem will be further enhanced with the ‘Digital Twin’ feature, a virtual replica of the physical assets for real-time monitoring and prediction.

Data Analytics Centre

The water utility industry is adapting fast to the new ways of data consumption as data analytics are gaining traction in driving discussion and insights. These data points are used in decision making, drafting policies, increasing efficiency, and cost optimisation exercise.

The Data Analytics Centre (DAC) was set up to fully harness the potentials of our data, allowing us to build enterprise-wide capabilities of Big Data Analytics. The function of DAC is to build, maximize, and upscale the capabilities of end-to-end big data analytics that include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digitalisation of intelligence. DAC is Air Selangor’s core excellence center for all data analytics initiatives.

Ultimately, this will allow us to derive better insights to identify pain points in our operations, which subsequently will enable us to leverage on data-backed decisions and employ more effective solutions in our business operations.

Smart Water Meter

Another step towards becoming a digital water utility is the introduction of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Smart Water Meter Programme.

AMI Smart Water Metering is a component of a smart grid that allows us to conduct remote meter reading on demand that uses internet-of-things technology to transmit data. The implementation of AMI Smart Water Meter will allow us to increase meter reading efficiency and reduce manual meter reading onsite, thus increasing the safety of our employees while freeing them to do other meaningful tasks.

Our pilot AMI Smart Water Meter Programme in the Sepang region was rolled out in 2019, with a total of 7,928 AMI meters installed to date. In addition, we have also replaced non-AMI meters with AMI Smart Water Meter in Cyberjaya and Dengkil areas.

Automatic Secondary Chlorination

One of the ways to keep treated water safe and clean is by adding chlorine to disinfect it and to eliminate pathogens. The Automatic Secondary Chlorination System (ASCS) is a smart system that detects low Free Residual Chlorine (FRC) levels at the water distribution system. 

The ASCS addresses FRC violations at the water distribution system. The system is installed as a secondary chlorination dosing operation at areas identified with FRC violations due to relatively low water consumption, or due to their location at the end of the supply line.

The ASCS comprises of two (2) system:

  • Chlorine Analysing System (CAS) to analyse the amount of Free Residual Chlorine in the pipeline;
  • Chlorine Dosing System (CDS) to control dosing activities.

River Surveillance

Our water treatment plants abstract water from six out of seven main rivers in Selangor. Protecting these water catchment areas from contamination and pollution is paramount in ensuring that we have sufficient raw water to be abstracted, treated, and distributed to the consumers.

Air Selangor’s Catchment and Waterway Unit (CWU) responsible for conducting scheduled raw water monitoring, carrying out pollution investigation and in-house sanitary surveys, along with the District Health Office.

To carry out these activities efficiently, the CWU is equipped with the latest gadgets and tools, namely the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Multiparameter Meter, Water Depth Sampler, Swing Sampler, GPS, camera and field scope, communication device, as well as four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle.