Full-time dad and technician

From plumbing to urban planning, there’s nothing about wate

that Hydro doesn’t know about.

With his know-how, Hydro will be sharing his technical expertise.



Supermom and active in the community

Bayu is determined to make her neighbourhood a sustainable community. 

Alluring and graceful, she knows what drives the everyday people

and it’s the little things we do in consuming water prudently.



Straight-A SPM scorer and environmentalist

Dew wants her friends to join her to care for Mother Nature. 

A true eco warrior, she cares about the environment

and water sustainability.



The curious prankster

Varun is the little prankster who wants to play his part in

water sustainability but never seems to know the right steps. 

Even though he makes mistakes, he always looks up to his family

to explain the ins and outs of good water practices.



A  friendly pet who always by the Hydro Family’s side

Joy is a living water droplet who’s always helping the family

out to save water.

It symbolises the life that water brings to the community,

and we can always trust on water to get through the day.