Air Selangor Report Leaks

What is Air Selangor Report Leaks Campaign?

Air Selangor Report Leaks Campaign is an initiative by Air Selangor to reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and improve customer experience. This Campaign is to encourage Air Selangor’s consumers to report via Air Selangor mobile application wherever they notice any pipe leak/pipe burst/meter leak/illegal tapping.


Terms and Condition of Participation

  • Step 1: Download Air Selangor mobile application.
  • Step 2: Report pipe leak/pipe burst/meter leak/illegal tapping complaint via Air Selangor mobile application.


Winners Selection

The winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:-

  • Layer 1: Air Selangor consumers who have made one (1) or more reports via Air Selangor mobile application during the Campaign Period; and 
  • Layer 2: The reports made as in Layer 1 must be among the first 2,000 reports received for the month during the Campaign Period through the Air Selangor mobile application; and
  • Layer 3: The report has been verified and attended to by Air Selangor as the report was received.


Campaign Period

1 August 2023 to 31 December 2023

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